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Samsung SMH9187W

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Samsung SMH9187W Samsung

 Over the Range

 MSRP: $279


Per Cu Ft


Key Items



10 Yrs


4 Stars

33 Users

 Microwave Oven Highlights
  • 1100W 1.8 cu. ft. OTR Microwave.

  • Samsung’s powerful turbo ventilation system was designed to rapidly remove steam, fumes and odors without making a racket.

  • Samsung’s Rapid Defrost feature lets you defrost frozen foods quickly and evenly, returning foods to their fresh, pre-frozen state.

  • Sensor Cooking Mode that auto-sets the power and duration of a cycle by sensing humidity as the food heats.

  • Sensor Cook Options: Beverage, Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Breakfast, Frozen Dinner, Frozen Vegetables, Popcorn, Potato, Reheat.

Samsung SMH9187W Microwave

 SMH9187W Microwave Ratings
Price Per
Cu. Ft.
 The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) per cubic foot of microwave area is $155. This is priced about average.
Premium Features Considering only those functions and capabilities that really make a difference, this microwave has an average number of premium features when compared with other new microwave designs.
Power This Samsung microwave oven can generate up to 1100 watts of cooking energy. This is about average power with a standard level of heating watts.
Magnetron Warranty The magnetron warranty is good for 10 yrs. Compared to other manufacturers, this microwave has a magnetron limited warranty with longer than average duration.
User Ratings Rated 4 of 5 stars by 33 users from retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Sears, and others. Compared to other user reviews of new microwaves, this appliance is rated about average.
Bake / Roast Standard microwave without convection heating. You can't brown, bake, or roast dishes and meats like a regular oven.
Grill / Broil Standard microwave without a grilling or broiling element. You can't grill or broil meats such as steaks, hamburgers, or chicken wings.
Staged Cooking Can be programmed with a series of power levels and heating times that you perform frequently. Allows you to automatically cook your favorite dishes without constant monitoring so you can perform other tasks.
Sensor Cooking Uses sensors to monitor humidity levels and automatically determines the appropriate power and time required to cook, reheat, or defrost selected foods.
Even Cooking Does not use special technology to help ensure that dishes are cooked evenly. Most standard microwaves do an adequate job, especially at higher power settings. Moving dishes or stirring periodically is helpful.
Keep Warm Does not include an automatic setting to keep foods warm after they've finished cooking. You have to manually select low power settings for brief periods of time on a periodic basis.
Non-Stick Interior Does not have a special non-stick interior that makes clean-up easier. Splattered foods or drinks take a little more effort to wipe off, especially if you let them dry and harden for a period of time.
Turntable Turntable is large enough to rotate a standard 9 x 13 inch baking dish. This is a convenient feature if you frequently cook larger dishes for your family or entertaining.
Stainless Steel The exterior is not made of stainless steel. While stainless is popular in kitchen appliances, black and white are elegant, timeless colors.
Size Above average capacity with 1.8 cu. ft. of interior space. More room may be important if you have three or more people in your household, or you like to quickly heat larger dishes for parties and entertaining.

 SMH9187W Microwave Oven Specifications
TypeOver the Range Microwave
Capacity1.8 cu. ft.
Microwave Power1100 Watts
Convection PowerNot Applicable
Depth15-15/32 in.
Width29-7/8 in.
Height16-1/2 in.
Turntable14.1875 in. diameter
Power Levels10
Vent Air Flow400 CFM
Parts & Labor Warranty1 Year (limited)
Magnetron Warranty10 Yrs (limited)

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